Leptin Buster

Leptin Buster 120 capsules


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Your body is programmed to preserve energy in the form of fat. Leptin is the “stored energy using” hormone secreted by fat cells, signalling to the brain the energy needs of the body.  Leptin resistance causes the brain not to recognize the signals to convert stored fat into energy (leptin is actually the “stored energy using hormone), which consumes stored fat and energy in the body. It is important for the brain to receive the correct information.

Leptin Buster inhibit sugar cravings, and enhance the production of PPAR-alpha protein production to break down fat. Chronic causes of pain and inflammation (cortisol production due to stress) influence the optimal functioning of the immune system. Weight gain is in most cases related to chronic pain and/or low-grade inflammation of sorts. Leptin Buster activates the brain receptors to recognize leptin signals correctly, turn on PPAR-alpha protein production, convert fat to energy and suppress cortisol (stress or fat hormone production), as well as stabilize the thyroid naturally.

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